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“The past and the future come together”. NEO design strives to bring traditional techniques of making clothing and jewelry to a new age in which functionality will benefit from the simplicity inspired tradition In a year behind us in which ENSONEO project was started It won 6 really big prizes and awards of which the biggest one that we should mention is Fashion Scout South East Europe award that brought an opportunity to present ATEHNEO collection at September’s London Fashion week trough the “Ones to Watch” platform. Besides that NEO was European finalist in one of the biggest fashion competition in the world , The Woolmark prize. NEO design is based on a new vision of functionality. Clothing, jewelry and accessories are intertwined and they form a multifunctional unit, which adapts to the one who wears it offering the possibility to personalize. Connection between the past and the future is necessary for a strong and healthy society and NEO is trying to provide it through clothing designed for powerful, artistic and mystic souls.

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